CI 45

Partitioning walls and interior doors

The CI 45 is a system of partitioning walls and interior doors mainly for office space arrangement.

Its simplicity and a scope of offered solutions fulfils expectations of almost each user.

Simple fabrication and easy assembly enable to reduce time and cost of final product to a large extent.

The system is equipped with a special chamber in order to integrate office cabling (computer wiring, phone cables, electric cables) which effects the aesthetics.

The CI 45 is a modular system. The construction can be modified any time.

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New dimension of partitioning walls
Innovation and aesthetics

ci 45 2


The major advantage of the CI 45 system is it’s universality. With scarcely 33 profiles it is possible to perform partitioning walls, swing doors, sliding doors, fully glazed doors, and double layer glazing wall of depth
of 100 mm and 125 mm which are easily assembled with a plaster-cardboard wall. The system is based on several basic profiles which after assembling together with adaptation profiles may become a frame, transom or door leaf.

The advantages resulting from the universality of the system:

  • costs reduction owing to decrease of the amount of aluminium production waste
  • reducing the number of articles in the warehouse
  • simplification of order list
  • simplified prefabrication


The system of screen walls and doors is designed mainly for arranging office space. Apart from the standard features of the screen walls it offers additional solutions:

  • double glazed walls with high acoustic insulation (Rw=53 dB)
  • space between glazing can be used for internal sunblinds
  • possibility of joining with a plaster wall of 75, 100, and 125 mm
  • possibility of adjoining with a handrail RB 10
  • possibility of installation of glass door vent
  • there are available sliding doors manually operated
  • a profile with the special chamber for integrated office cabling (computer wiring, phone cables, electric cables)

Simplicity of production

The CI 45 enables simple production process owing to the less complicated solution of the T-profile joint. The profile is cut at the straight angle and needs no milling. This way of treatment of profiles does not require
any special instrumentation and therefore prefabrication of the construction at the place of assembly is possible with using proper portable saw, drill template, and standard tools.


One of the advantages of the CI 45 system is a modularity of the solution. There is opportunity to modify existing construction any time, for example, by exchanging a stationary module to movable one (glass door vent). Such solution is a great opportunity for adaptation of rent office space.

Simple arrangement of office space
the chamber Integrating office cabling

ci 45 3

ci 45 4

ci 45 5

(1) The sound reduction index (Rw) measures the capacity of sound reduction performance of the glass construction.
(2) The air tightness test measures the volume of air that would pass a closed construction at a certain pressure difference with respect to door surfac and rebate length.
(3) Wall resistance to horizontal load is a measure of profiles stiffness on linear load (imitating pressure of the crowd) or air pressure defined by max. deflection of profiles.
(4) Classes 1 to 4 determine possibility of applying doors in certain conditions of using space (class 2 – average conditions of utilization).
(5) Classes 1 to 5 – resistance for cyclical loads resulting from opening and closing – parameter deciding on utilization of door in space of particular functional parameters (class 5 – 100,000 cycles, possible to apply as inside door in public sector buildings).
(6) Smoke resistance determines that maximum air flow velocity passing through closed doors measured in ambient temperature class Sa and in temperature of 200oC class Sm at certain pressure of 50 Pa did not exceed 20m3/h for single door and 30 m3/h for double door.

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